Sunday, July 5, 2009

Real Estate

8:15 AM Saturday Morning. I wake up, proud of myself for only having a few drinks at dinner the night before and still trying to figure out why anyone would name their son Jody (our iffeminate waiter). It's the fourth of July and outside my window, the sky is a bit ominous with dark clouds and looming rain. Good thing I only spent $5 on fireworks. I was dreading Saturday morning for a few reasons. Reason number 1: my legs were still tired from my previous runs during the week and I figured by now they would be completely used to the measly 3 and 4 mile training. Reason number 2: the long run on Saturday was finally more mileage than anything I was use to. Saturday training was a 9 mile run--something I hadn't done since high school cross country practice. I could just picture myself getting half through, panting for water, and having to stop and walk the rest.

I was excited to be in Kansas City though and excited to be able to run in a completely unfamiliar place. Nothing is worse than doing a long run and always knowing how far you've left to go. When that's the case, I catch myself worrying much more about when I will be done rather then enjoying my surrouding

I wake up, get my shoes, and go downstairs expecting directions to the route Mrs. Woodward had told me would be a good place to jog. The directions are no where to be found. Unfortunately for Kel, that means me going and waking her up at the crack of down for suggestions. In the hustle and bustle of me being a bit cranky and trying to figure out what to do, Kel's mom wakes up and decides they are going to be my own personal water girls/cheerleaders. We all hop in the car, water bottles in hand, and drive to Ward Parkway (you can't call it Ward, it makes Kansas Citians upset). It's time to start my run.

For those of you unfamiliar with Ward Parkway, it is one of the most beautiful streets in Kansas City. The street is lined with 100 year old mansions, making me feel as if I'm running through Greek Town at Mizzou. As I run my 9 miles, I notice myself deciding just which house I plan on living in some day. By the time I'm done, not only am I proud of myself for feeling great after finishing, but I've narrowed it down to 12 mansions. I ultimately decide that I'm going to live in the 2 car garage, brick Victorian at 55Th and Ward Parkway. The house is a much more modest size than its surrounding counter parts and overlooks a park and the plaza. No "For Sale" sign yet, but I'll keep my eyes open. Who knew running and real estate had so much in common?

** On another note, thank you too everyone who continues to donate money to the cause. We've now raised close to $1500 dollars, inching us that most closer to our $2000 goal. Keep up the great work!

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