Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Finding Motivation

I know it's a little trite to complain about the weather when you're a "weatherman", but man has this winter been rough! All along, I knew I would never run marathons in the spring--mainly because it's nearly impossible to run long distances during an Iowa Winter. With nearly 60" of snow since October and temperatures ranging as cold as -20 degrees Fahrenheit (-50 with windchill) it's truly a death defying stunt to run outside in the elements. Your only other option? Running on a rotating tread, staring at a muted TV, and praying that 10 minutes have gone by in the past 5!

I had hoped that a shorter race, a half marathon, might be slightly easier to train for during the barren months on this god forsaken tundra. Low and behold, I was mistaken...

I thought I would attach a quick list of things I've learned trying to run during an Iowa Winter:
--It's acceptable to run when it's 10 degrees outside as long as you have a hat and gloves (previous to this winter, I wouldn't venture outside to run if it was below 25 degrees)
--I've mastered the event known as the steeplechase! Hopping over 2 foot snow drifts when crossing streets really makes you sympathize for those type of runners
--Slushy snow = stained running clothes
--Tracks are meant to be larger than 10 laps = 1 mile
--and finally, never train for a marathon in an Iowa Winter!!

The worst thing that comes with day after day of clouds, snow, and wind is motivation. A couch with a blanket and a hot cup of tea sounds much more appetizing than a gym that must be reached by crossing a frozen parking lot. But when it comes down to it, as long as I remember why I'm running, I can convince myself it's 80 degrees and sunny. I'm running to raise money for a cause that has effected my so deeply, so personally. And it's that cause that helps me get through blizzard after blizzard, with Spring in sight.

Temperatures this week are going to be steady in the middle 20s--warmth at last!

(P.S. I figured the new picture did my suffering a little more justice!)