Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Springs A Comin'...one puddle at a time!

After the longest winter of my life (figuratively and literally!), I've never been happier for the onset of Spring. Yet as days continue to grow and the calendar pages continue to turn, one thing I've noticed is the landscape here in northwest Iowa has remained that same, boring color--white!

Today officially marks the breaking of a 30+ year record of days with high temperatures below 40 degrees. The last day Sioux City recorded a temperatures warmer than that was Dec. 1 2009. However, this week has brought promise to coming of a new season. As you look around Siouxland, we're seeing something accumulating on the ground that isn't snow--it's water. As temperatures have started to climb above freezing, our massive snow pack has started to shrink and with that, plenty of streams and puddles have started to congregate along city streets and sidewalks. This has made me have an interesting realization about the part of the country where I currently reside. In most cities I've lived in, the marking of Spring begins with greener grass and budding flowers and trees. Here in the upper Midwest, we start to believe in the idea of Spring not when we see a flowering tulip, but instead a growing puddle! It's an interesting concept, but trust me, I've never been so happy to splash through water in my life!

The STL! Go Half marathon is now only 6 weeks away. While it's officially warm enough to run in shorts (+30 degrees), I still keep on a jacket and gloves to keep my upper body warm. My right foot continues to ache in excruciating pain but as I'm too afraid from what a doctor might tell me, I've opted to stick to a regiment of ibuprofen and ice until after the race. We just began fundraising last week and are already off to a great start! Hopefully the coming weeks will continue to prove that hard work and determination really can help you make a difference.
As always, Happy Running!

Oh and here is a link to the new Team Nancy ACS website. Check it out!


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